by Matt Alderton | August 16, 2019
It's the night before a major meeting, conference or convention. You should be in bed early, making sure you're well rested for the big day ahead. Instead, you're up late with your team members printing name badges. Instead of sleep, you realize, all you're going to get is paper cuts.

Every meeting professional has been there. "While no two events are the same, one thing we've learned that remains consistent is the shared headache that is pre-printing and stuffing name badges," author Melissa Del Monte writes in a post for Cvent's blog. "It's no wonder why this is such a pain in the you-know-what when you have hundreds, or even thousands, of guests that need name badges."

Del Monte has a solution: live badging. "Live badging is event tech that enables attendees to print their badges themselves when they arrive at your event," she explains. "The badges come in several different, customizable options so that you aren't spending hours upon hours stuffing pre-printed badges the night before the event."

But live badging isn't just about saving time the night before. It's also about streamlining check-in the morning of.

"Check-in is the first impression attendees get of your event. Long line-ups and hefty wait times aren't a good start," notes Del Monte, who recalls an example from a client that implemented live badging and went from checking in four attendees per minute using 12 iPads to checking in seven attendees per minute using six iPads. "Live badging dramatically speeds up check-in by streamlining the whole process."

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