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6 Event Apps to Enhance Your Next Meeting

Six new tools that can help meeting planners run a better conference.


Hoping to improve your productivity, bolster your memory, appease various stakeholders and collaborate more effectively with your coworkers? Never fear - there are apps for that. Whatever combination of event-tech solutions you're already using, these six apps could very well help you get your job done more efficiently and effectively - and improve your meetings in the process.  

1. Bring Along Your AI Assistant 

Voicea is a personal virtual assistant for meetings. It takes notes, creates meeting summaries, and funnels action items to other apps and platforms. The app helps ensure that meetings are productive human interactions, says founder and CEO Omar Tawakol: It allows participants to focus on the other people in a meeting, not a screen in their hands; and it provides summaries, agendas and action items without the need to take notes.

Voicea's enterprise voice assistant, affectionately known as EVA, is akin to Siri and Alexa, but programmed for business. She listens to create meeting highlights, record action items and sync with a wide variety of platforms. Invite EVA to your meetings and she follows along; have her "call in" to conference calls; or simply hit record on the Voicea app and she will summarize your face-to-face discussions.

You can request certain actions of her during the meeting; for example, if you ask her to remind you to send the presentation deck to your colleague next Wednesday, she'll add that to your calendar in real time. You can also customize EVA so that she automatically dispenses notes on a Slack channel following each meeting, or records updates about leads directly to Salesforce, for instance. More than 15 platform integrations are available.

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