QuickMobile Launches In-App Audience-Response Features

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Event app developer QuickMobile has launched Live Insights, an audience-response solution that includes a number of attendee-engagement features. Among them are Live Polling, which allows presenters to create questions on the fly and display the results both in the presentation and in the app; Discussion Forum, through which attendees can ask questions anonymously of the presenter or presenters; Group Chat, which allows attendees to communicate publicly with each other and increase collaboration; and Reports, which generates summaries of the polling results and questions asked. 

One key, unique aspect of the package is PowerPoint Add-In, allowing organizers to poll attendees from a PowerPoint presentation. Questions can be created and sent out on the fly from within the presentation itself, and reflect the corporate branding of that presentation. "We wanted to make this functionality as straightforward and accessible as possible," explained Trevor Roald, QuickMobile's manager of industry relations. For planners, working with PowerPoint removes some of the potential intimidation factor of adopting a new technology platform.

"Never before has anyone been able to launch a poll, push the results to the audience and continue with the presentation simply by advancing their presentation slides, all integrated natively with a mobile event app," added QuickMobile CMO Julie Bevacqua. "Attendees have a personalized experience, while speakers have greater control over how they interact with their audiences.

More information on the new features can be found here.