How to Get More from Your Meetings App

Get the most out of your meetings app by taking advantage of underutilized capabilities

Meetings App pic

When was the last time you used the "Potato" button to cook a potato in your microwave? Or the "gum massage" cycle on your electric toothbrush? Do you use your car's entertainment system to look up nearby restaurants on road trips, or do you just pull out your smartphone, instead? What about all those fancy cycles on your washer and dryer? Do you even know what they do?

Technology is full of bells and whistles that users neglect, ignore or just plain forget about. Sometimes, that's because they don't really need them. Often, however, it's because they never knew they existed in the first place.

That's especially true with meeting and event apps, such as EventMobi, Cvent's CrowdCompassDoubleDutchAll In The LoopBizzaboevent2mobile and Eventbase, among many others. While most meeting professionals use them for just one purpose -- sharing schedules, agendas and basic event details --the truth is: They're loaded with valuable features that many meeting planners have yet to discover. Here are 10 of them, the benefits of which have the potential to transform your meeting if you're not already using them:

1. Check-in
Check-in desks at many meetings and events are discombobulated and disorganized. Attendees arrive, only to find a staff person frantically rifling through a stack of papers to find their name on a written list and mark them "present" with a checkmark, a highlighter or a strikethrough. It's not the most efficient system, nor does it make the best impression. Some apps offer a clean and streamlined alternative: a check-in feature that lets you easily and quickly check attendees off as they arrive using your smartphone. 

2. Live Feedback
The most effective events are the ones where attendees feel actively engaged and involved. Meeting apps can help meeting organizers engineer a more interactive experience with live Q&As and polling that establish a direct and real-time connection between speakers and their audience.

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