How to Wean Yourself Off Electronics

How to Achieve Work/Life Balance

Although your smartphone, tablet, and various other gadgets can be good for productivity, they can be bad for stress. If you want to improve your sense of work/life balance, therefore, it's a good idea to reduce your dependency on your devices.

One way to do so is with a "digital detox," according to Fast Company contributor Lisa Rabasca Roepe. "Due to [our] increasing dependence on mobile devices, resorts are now offering digital detox retreats where participants give up technology during their stay and discuss ways to manage their daily use," she reports. "Retreats range from a rustic stay in cabins at Camp Grounded to a luxurious weekend retreat at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas."

At a digital detox retreat, guests surrender their devices upon arrival and subsequently learn to rediscover life without them. Afterward, it's hoped, you'll feel empowered to reduce the role your devices play in your life.

"Since returning … [she] took some steps to ensure she could stick with the shift in behavior," Roepe says of one digital detox retreat participant she spoke to. "In addition to buying an alarm clock to help her wake up, she's banished the phone from the bedroom while she sleeps. She also purposefully leaves it at home when she does errands. At work, she takes 5- to 10-minute breaks without it by walking around the block."

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