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How to Conquer a Job Interview With a Chatbot

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Artificial intelligence is showing up everywhere these days. It's at hotels, for instance, restaurants and retailers. And believe it or not, it might even be at your next job interview.

"The chatbots are coming. And you may need to impress them to have a shot at your next job," says Fast Company contributor Gwen Moran. "[Chatbots are] being used to automate interview scheduling, answer basic questions about the position and even [point] candidates to other jobs in the organization for which they may be a fit. But the role for which they're increasingly being used -- and which potentially has the biggest impact on candidates -- is for early screening."

Chatbots are attractive because they can help companies quickly sort through resumes and weed out unqualified candidates. Candidates who know what they're up against, therefore, will have an edge over those who don't.

"As chatbots become more prevalent in early job screenings, learning how to interact with them is … important," explains Moran, who says the first thing to realize about interviews with chatbots is the importance of professionalism. "Job seekers need to realize that their conversations with a recruitment bot are a written record that goes into their candidate file. The company's human recruiters will be able to see how candidates conduct themselves, so keeping a professional tone is important."

Also: Keep things simple. "Chatbot technology hasn't been perfected and many of the bots used for early screening may be limited in their ability to process complex answers," Moran says. "Keep your responses to questions clear and concise. And be sure to mention relevant skills that are listed in the job ad."

Finally, type carefully. "Errors, off-topic responses or inappropriate skill sets can all eliminate your resume," Moran concludes. "In written responses, watch your spelling and make sure your responses align with both your resume and the requirements stated in the job description."

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