by Matt Alderton | May 23, 2019
If you're struggling to be productive at home or at work, the reason could be a lack of sleep. And if you're not getting enough sleep, the reason could be that you're not drinking enough water.

"Often, we blame our inability to get a good night's sleep on late-night technology use, work stress or on our next door neighbor's dog who won't stop barking. But did you know that not drinking enough water, and not drinking it at the right time throughout the day, could actually be what's robbing you of quality shut-eye?" author Isabella Broggini writes in an article for Ladders. "According to the National Sleep Foundation, 'going to bed even mildly dehydrated can disrupt your sleep.'"

Fortunately, Broggini has several tips to help you drink more water -- and, in so doing, get more sleep.

For example, make sure you drink water with all your meals. "Drinking water during meals … helps your body in digestion, because it helps your stomach liquefy food and absorb nutrients," explains Broggini, who says "eating" water instead of drinking it also can be a good strategy.

"If you just can't get yourself to drink water and you restrict your daily fluid intake to caffeinated beverages and fruit juices, eating foods with a high water content is crucial for you to maintain an appropriate level of hydration," Broggini continues. "Many veggies and fruits have a high H2O content, including watermelon (great for the summer), strawberries, cucumbers, celery, oranges, spinach and cantaloupe. The good news is that all of these foods are also highly nutritious and will supply your daily dose of vitamins along with good hydration."

Finally, consider having water instead of coffee when you wake up. "For optimal hydration, experts recommend that you should wait two to three hours after you wake to drink coffee," Broggini concludes. "Coffee is a slight diuretic, meaning that drinking it increases your need to pee. So having coffee right when you wake up and you're already dehydrated from eight-ish hours of no liquids will work against you in the hydration department."

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