by Crista Videira Lopes, Jeanna Matthews and Benjamin Pierce, Association for Computing Machinery | May 12, 2020
With so many conferences going online, so quickly, because of coronavirus-related travel restrictions, many organizers have urgent questions about how to plan a virtual conference instead of a physical one. Members of the Association for Computing Machinery have assembled a practical guide to this brave new world of virtual conferences. 

As heavy users of online technologies and as researchers responsible for developing them, the ACM community is especially well-positioned to offer advice that is helpful to other groups dealing with the same problems. While ACM is a scientific society, the key practices outlined in the report can be applied to a wide range of digital meetings. 

The full document, "Virtual Conferences: A Guide to Best Practices," is packed with practical information, including a breakdown of platform vendors by meeting type. Highlights on some key general tips for the planner who must pivot can be found in the full story on