by Matt Alderton | April 19, 2019
It's often said in business: You can't manage what you don't measure. That's as true with meetings and events as it is any other aspect of business. Attendee feedback is therefore a critical source of information for meeting professionals, who rely on it to measure -- and subsequently manage -- their meetings' performance.

"Post-event surveys and attendee outreach, whether conducted via email, social media or other platforms, are indispensable tools for gaining insight on what worked and what didn't during your conference or meeting," author Jessi Minneci writes in a recent article for Northstar Meetings Group. "They can help guide your whole approach to event planning moving forward, and make it possible to create a useful attendee feedback template to employ for future events and surveys."

As technology evolves, however, so, too, must the techniques that meeting planners use to collect attendee feedback.

"Why not try steering away from traditional methods of gathering feedback in ways more convenient for meeting and event attendees?" asks Minneci, who sought advice from Danielle Rothweiler, owner of Verona, N.J.-based Rothweiler Event Design.

According to Rothweiler, meeting professionals in this day and age should consider moving to an SMS-based feedback system. "There have been recent studies talking about the extreme success of text messaging to collect data," she tells Minneci. "This is a path I think more businesses should explore and could be a great way to do outreach to event attendees."

After attendees have left a breakout, for instance, you could send them a text expressing thanks for their attendance and asking them to share their initial impressions of the session. 

"Beacon technology, which uses geo-location to send signals to a smartphone or event app, can be used to push event feedback surveys onto a phone as soon as an attendee leaves the area," Minneci notes. "This can be done for specific exhibits, attractions or the conference as a whole."

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