by Matt Alderton | May 15, 2019
Whether you're meeting a potential new mate, new friends or a new boss, making a good first impression is critical. If you're meeting prospective customers, it's doubly so, author Mike Taylor suggests in an article for

"We've all heard that first impressions are everything, and business is no different," Taylor says. "In fact, first impressions are even more important for businesses, because prospects can easily send their business to your competition if they decide they don't like their initial interaction with your company."

To perfect your first impression with prospective customers, Taylor says you should focus on your phone system.

"For many businesses, the first point of interaction with a customer will occur over the phone, so the most effective way to ensure better communication with customers is to put a professional automated answering service -- called an auto attendant -- in place," he explains. "A quality service will answer your customer's calls quickly, with a friendly and professional voice, and route them to the appropriate extension so they're connected with the right person the first time."

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