by Matt Alderton | August 25, 2017
If you're planning a meeting for Millennial attendees, you must take care not only to develop an agenda that appeals to young professionals, but also to choose seating styles and setups that interest them.

"When it comes to corporate meetings and conferences, the same old set up just won't cut it for Millennials," says Successful Meetings contributor Kevin Dana. "Keeping these young workers engaged and excited about presentations takes more than banquet seating and a PowerPoint presentation. Millennials want interesting, memorable, and unique experiences they can share."

One idea: Instead of theater-style seating, try creating "unusual lounges … that encourage groups to sit informally, collaborate, and help break down barriers to communication."

Think "living room" more than "conference room." "Define large or small breakout areas to allow for more intimate gatherings within a large room and provide opportunities for branding and signage," Dana advises. "Comfortable and residential feeling spaces encourage interactivity that creates memorable learning experiences."

Finally, think about attendees' devices. "Using multiple devices while multitasking is an important facet of Millennial work culture, so creating an environment where employees feel connected, secure, and plugged-in is vital," Dana concludes. "When attendees rush to find seating by wall outlets to charge their phones or other electronics, it's disruptive to the overall experience. Instead, incorporate powered seating into your meeting designs."

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