DMOs Give Medical Meeting Planners an Inside Edge

How these organizations can help medical meeting planners tap into local resources.

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Pity the planner with a specialty in med/pharma. Never an easy job, the task became even more complicated half a dozen years ago, when the reporting provisions of the Affordable Care Act went into effect. "Basically, somebody said, 'No more fun for doctors!'" quips medical-meetings compliance expert Pat Schau­mann, CMP, HMCC, a strategic consultant with Maritz Global Events

With more stringent rules in place, no longer could the promise of luxury resorts and outlandish meetings destinations be counted on to woo health-care practitioners (aka HCPs) away from their practices. The upshot: Planners have had to obsess over countless new compliance requirements, and delivering memorable meetings experiences to doctors has become a much greater challenge.

Destination officials have become an increasingly key part of the equation, however, helping to connect these specialty planners with local medical expertise and cutting-edge facilities to ease the process and keep medical professionals engaged and learning. Following are some tips for capitalizing on this evolving partnership.

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