Round Out Meeting Agendas With Local Subject-Matter Experts

Here are some convention and visitor bureaus that are helping find the right intellectual property to go with your event.

What makes a destination enticing to meeting planners? For starters, its location relative to the attendee pool, committable hotel rooms and available venues. Less obvious but perhaps of equal importance is intellectual property -- how host cities can match incoming group needs to the prevalent ideas, designs, and artistic or scientific creations that are the hallmarks of the destination.

The idea of tapping into a city's intellectual property is especially relevant now because of the acceleration of the innovation economy, according to Greg Clark, a professor with roles at University College London and Strathclyde University, and a global consultant on the future of cities and new industries. Clark says that a generation of new technologies flowering in forward-looking cities makes such locations especially worthy of consideration by planners.

"If you are in the business of business meetings or are a destination for business meetings, it is very important that you find some strong alignment between the meetings you host and the sectors, segments or edges of the innovation economy," notes Clark. Which begs the question: How can groups best leverage the intellectual property of a destination?

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