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Why and How to Create Mindful Meetings

Mindfulness offers a wide range of benefits, particularly for group events

Lee Papa

Wellness is all the rage in meetings and events, but what is leading edge is mindfulness - and here is why. Mindfulness is awareness -of your thoughts, feelings, the external world around you -- with no judgement. Scientific evidence has shown that mindfulness training and meditation literally changes aspects of the brain, and while it has roots in ancient wisdom, mindfulness is as valuable as ever for meetings and gatherings where creativity, sharp thinking, and energy are important. 

The benefits of mindfulness have been known experientially by those who practice the philosophy since the ancient origins that were birthed in Eastern meditation practices. The root of the teachings are a solid foundation of how to lead one's life in conscious awareness, and recent research further demonstrates its benefits.

From one Harvard study, findings indicate the stress areas of the brain get smaller while the beneficial empowering parts of the brain get larger. In another study with Olympic athletes, by UC San Diego, the results were higher performance, more focus, and less injury. Would you implement a process or program that would help you or your workers improve these areas of your life?

• Sleep better
• Stir creativity
• Be more peaceful
• Feel more inspired
• Have more success
• Regain your zest for life
• Retain information better
• Feel fewer jet lag symptoms 
• Experience more compassion 
• Assist with confidence building
• Feel less tired and overwhelmed
• Assist with making better choices
• Experience more health & well-being

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, imagine having the ability to implement the aspects of this training within your educational meetings, events and trade shows, providing value that benefits your team members on both the personal and professional levels.

Think of mindfulness as the foundation of wellness, rather than an added layer. All other wellness aspects are better served when mindfulness is at its core. Educate and inspire mindfully with a Wellness Lounge in every meeting and event and the results will impress even the toughest skeptic. Adding mindfulness within your meetings and events does not have to be overwhelming, just as your life does not have to be so stressful. Implementing and activating your innate mindfulness ability will guide you to the right partner and support you need. Intention, action, and surrender. Welcome to your first mindfulness training lesson.

Establishing mindfulness and a Wellness Lounge as the key element of your meeting will provide a rich textured offering that coalesces all other aspects for a successful wellness initiative with more ease, success, and with less effort. 

Just as the broad concept of "wellness," is not simply exercise, nutrition, and drinking more water, "mindfulness" is not just meditation. Understanding and being able to explore the nuances of mindfulness is not a subject matter to be handled by a traditional training team. Mindfulness is a core competency. Having a facilitator that can weave the wisdom and knowledge of Mindfulness into the attendees' personal and professional lives and provide them with an experiential takeaway is the basis for a successful initiative. 

Lee Papa is an inspirational and dynamic communicator who speaks to groups on subjects relating to Mindfulness, Personal Shifting, Leadership, Moving Past Obstacles, and Embracing Change. Lee assists individuals and groups in breaking through limiting patterns to ones highest potential and best expression of self through concepts, tools and proprietary processes she has developed and packaged under Mindful Makeovers. Learn more about the options available for Mindfulness in Meetings at www.leepapa.com and video