Where Do You Think You're Going?

Do You Have the Time?


Need to find the local time in Latvia? WorldTimeZone provides information on times and time zones all around the globe via maps, a search function, and local time lists by continent. Just when you think you have it all figured out, check the section on "Interesting and Confusing Facts about Time/Time Zones." It covers what parts of the world are off Greenwich Mean Time by half- or quarter-hours; the horizontal and vertical time zones of Australia; and regions that have changed their Daylight Saving Time rules. It also includes tidbits like the time used by the International Space Station.

Check the Map


As flight delays become less an occasional nuisance and more standard operating procedure, let the FAA's Flight Delay Information map provide valuable information. The map includes a clear look at the nation's airports and offers a general picture of whether flights are arriving and departing on time. Each airport's "dot" is green if delays are under 15 minutes, yellow if delays run 16 to 45 minutes, red if delays are longer than 45 minutes, orange if incoming flights are delayed at their departure point, and black if the airport is closed. Positioning your cursor over the airport brings up details on the reason for the delay. Of course, check with your airline for information specific to your flight.

One Airport at a Time


Airports can be incredibly confusing places—combine that with language barriers at international airports, and the difficulties increase exponentially. The World Airport Guide's pages can be viewed by region to locate the international airport you and your group may be visiting. Each airport's page details rental car facilities, dining options, shopping, available business facilities, a five-day weather forecast, and accessibility for travelers with disabilities, among other information. The site, though riddled with ads, provides valuable information, as well as the URL for the airport's main site and airport contact information.