Websites of the Month: Spas In Site

Need a moment to yourself? Take a look at these sites for everything from health and beauty information and quick-hit treatments to day-long pampering.

In Search of Serenity
With the tagline "Healthy Living, Travel, and Renewal," the Spa Magazine website provides a wealth of valuable information to spa-goers, both avid and novice. The site allows visitors to search for a full spa or day spa, offers tempting yet healthful recipes, and shares "Spa Basics" such as etiquette tips and a glossary. A "Spa Specials" section details values at spas in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Visitors can also take a look at articles available in recent issues of the magazine as well as explore products—from fitness and apparel to skin and body care to books and music.

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty
Sometimes you just need a manicure. Based on time, budget, or personal preference, some people would rather pop in for a quick, practical treatment than spend the afternoon getting a mud wrap, massage, and water therapy session. allows visitors to search for day spas and salons in 33 destinations ranging from New York to Hilton Head Island, with a write-up of each facility. Although can find you a masseuse, the site has a heavier focus on salon treatments than others of its kind. The site also provides information on spa trends such as Japanese hair straightening and eyelash extensions and details on where to buy products in major cities—if you need M.A.C in Chicago, Bath & Body Works in Detroit, or Bliss in San Francisco.

Art Appreciation
The Healing Arts Guide is devoted to "spa and wellness products and services" and offers a quarterly print publication in addition to information available via the website. The site has a great deal of specifics for spa owners and operators such as industry news, new techniques and products, and contact information for industry associations. In addition, the Healing Arts Guide provides useful general-interest information, including articles from the publication touching on everything from responsible capitalism to a recurring "Seeds of Innovation" feature.