Top Wellness Trends for 2018

Mushrooms, transformative travel, and a focus on happiness are a few of the trends outlined by the Global Wellness Summit

There may be a new way to expand the consciousness of your meeting and incentive travel attendees, according to the Global Wellness Summit: "shrooms."

Whether "magic" or medicinal, mushrooms' superpowers are being explored and celebrated more than ever, according to the Global Wellness Summit, which recently released a 90-page report detailing "Eight Wellness Trends for 2018." The forecast is drawn from the input of experts in eight wellness sectors, providing a global view of what's shaping health and wellness this year.

Among these trends is a legalization movement to get magic mushrooms on ballots in California, Oregon, and Colorado, with experts predicting they will be legalized for medicinal use within five years. 

The report also points to the benefits of "regular" mushrooms, predicting that the fungus will be used to infuse a growing range of products: powders, lattes, cocoas, chocolate, broths, oils, and teas. 

Another trend cited in the report is "transformative wellness travel." Described as "travel that challenges people on a deeply personal level, creating emotion through the powerful medium of storytelling," This transformational travel is expected to be embraced by a growing number of destinations.

Another trend: a closer look at the air that we breathe and the fact that people and corporations will take more responsibility for it. This can mean filling our homes and offices with plants, donning chic air-pollution-protection masks, investing in air-purifying devices, using salt therapy, or choosing "lung-cleansing" travel destinations. 

Happiness is the next trend. Data such as "The World Happiness Report" introduced at the UN and Gallup-Sharecare Well-being Index, take the global pulse of people's happiness and receive ever-more attention. The findings point to the realization that people overall aren't happy, which can cause significant personal and global problems. For example, loneliness can be as significant a killer as smoking. The United Arab Emirates recently appointed a Minister of Happiness.

Workouts that focus on fun will become more popular. Boogie Bounce, a complete workout that takes place on a mini trampoline is one example. The damaging effects on happiness of constant digital connection and social media will get greater scrutiny this year, predicts the Global Wellness Summit. 

It also predicts this to be the "year of the woman," with a new intersection between women's empowerment, feminism, and wellness on the horizon. The Global Wellness Summit reports there will be more women-only clubs, co-working spaces, and collectives: where women work, network, empower each other, unwind and learn with wellness a focus.

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