Tools of the Trade - 2007-06-01

Dancing Fools

PopNoggins is a new category of upbeat, on-site interactive video entertainment now available in New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Honolulu, and Barcelona. A PopNoggins video presentation adds a crowd-pleasing touch to corporate events by superimposing guests' heads onto professionally choreographed dancing bodies through the magic of green-screen technology. Unlike other systems, PopNoggins can accommodate up to four performers at a time. Each performer is given a DVD with web links back to the company or individual, creating more branding opportunities for clients. For more information, please visit the web site, or call Liese Gardner, (323) 930-9320.

Something to sneeze at

Event planners can now customize Kleenex Oval boxes to fit in with the theme of an event. Planners can design their own Kleenex boxes with the company logo, message, or photograph of their choice. Kleenex will fulfill an order of any size within a week. Individual customized Kleenex Ovals cost $4.99 plus shipping. Estimates for bulk orders are given according to the size of the order. Planners have their choice of colors for Kleenex Oval lids and background colors. For more information or to order, visit