Tools of the Trade - 2006-11-01

Events Staff Primer

Human Resource Management for Events, by Lynn Van der Wagen (Butterworth-Heinemann/Elsevier, 2007) is the first text to cover the management of human re-sources in the event environment. Linking theory, research, and application, it covers various types of events in which human resource management is key. The 255-page book is divided into two parts. Part one explores strategic planning issues such as project management and legal issues, while part two looks at staff recruitment and training, and workforce policies and procedures.

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Message Received

What good is a city tour if the attendees can't hear the guide due to all the background noise? Listen Technologies Corporation has introduced the Stationary IR line of products for transmitting and receiving sound in noisy situations. The product line includes a transmitter, infrared radiator (emitter), two types of receivers, and a variety of accessories. Both receivers can be operated on standard AAA alkaline batteries or an optional NiMH rechargeable battery pack. Because the products use standard AAA batteries, users can quickly recover from a dead battery situation. For more information, visit or call (801) 233-8992.