Tools of the Trade - 2006-07-01

Lifestyle marketing is synonymous with hospitality marketing today, and nowhere is this more collectively demonstrable than in the meetings segment. In recognition of that trend and in response to current interest in personal health, Numi Tea offers three solutions in tea sampling for meeting planners: spouse tea tasting; group tea-tasting breaks; and tea expert sampling events (also suitable as fund-raisers) with a Numi alchemist. Additionally, Numi Tea's signature packaging offers unique VIP amenity gifts or room drops. For more information, visit for individual and group inquiries.

The Bluetooth™ wireless InterWrite MeetingPad lets any meeting participant contribute to the presentation—from anywhere in the room, up to 300 feet away. An electronic pen offers full mouse control and annotative capabilities. The MeetingPad can be passed around the room to engage the audience. Up to seven MeetingPads can be active at one time, creating an interactive environment that facilitates collaboration for the duration of the meeting.

The pad utilizes GTCO CalComp's patented electromagnetic digitizing technology, which delivers high resolution (4,000 lines per inch with Model 400), providing capabilities for annotations and handwriting recognition.

The InterWrite software that drives the pad is intuitive and easy to use. Its annotation program gives users the ability to annotate information, highlight text, and make notes over any computer application. Presenters and attendees can even save, print, or e-mail the live, interactive presentation to other meeting participants who may be at remote locations.

The InterWrite MeetingPad Model 400 contains a rechargeable NiMH battery. Under normal conditions, the battery life is 40 hours of continuous use. A power supply with a 10-foot cord is included for recharging. The MeetingPad Model 100 uses power from the RS232 or USB port of your computer—no power supply is needed.

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