Tools of the Trade - 2006-02-01

The Best Travel Shoe Anywhere

The GMT Tecnica line of travel shoes is equipped to make the entire flying experience less stressful. The shoes fit like gloves and are metal-free, which enables the wearer to breeze through metal detectors at airport security check-points. The shoes also feature TravelFlex, a technology that enables the wearer to expand the volume of the shoes to allow for the foot swelling that can occur during long flights. The shoes are also compressible for easy packing and lock together with a latching system that keeps them compressed in luggage, backpacks, or cycling bags. For information about the shoes, visit

The "Flyest" Pen You'll Ever Own

The FLY Pentop Computer is a thick, ballpoint pen with a brain. Using built-in software, the pen reads and reacts to certain things you write. In effect, it turns paper into an interactive medium. With FLY you can hand-draw a calculator or a simple musical keyboard and actually do math or play notes on the drawing. The pen also offers sound effects and encouragement through a tiny speaker. The FLY Pentop Computer comes from LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. For more information visit