Tools of the Trade - 2006-01-01

The Leads of the Future

CompuLEAD Desktop II (CL II) gives trade show exhibitors an easy way to quickly and effectively capture and qualify leads on the show floor. It's lightweight, small in size, and features a slot reader to record attendee badges. Simply drop the badge in the card slot—no scanning or swiping is required. CL II utilizes cutting-edge hardware and software to record information and ensure quick and reliable badge scanning. For more information visit, or call (708) 344-9070.

An Upgrade to Serenity

Gift sets featuring high-quality accessories typical of those offered to first-class passengers on many airlines are now available as corporate gifts. The NoiseBuster First Class Upgrade gift set includes such items as Noise-Buster noise-canceling headphones, an ultra-soft 100-percent silk eye mask, and high-quality cotton socks. The gift set for a single person is priced at $99. The NoiseBuster noise-canceling audio headphones and the gift sets are available from Pro Tech at or by calling (800) 468-8371.