Tools of the Trade - 2005-10-01

Like Magic

The new online mailer by Magjak, a graphic communications services provider, allows exhibitors to customize and create direct-mail packages during events. The system gives exhibitors the opportunity to personalize and distribute full-color postcards and other mailers with original photos, logos, messages, and special offers. The online mailer also enables exhibitors to upload their contacts and mail their cards directly through the system. It's a foolproof way to get exhibitors in contact with attendees. Go to

Watch This

You have to admit that it's definitely different. The ready-made Watch Cuff Collection by Destanis Style features a unique, patent-pending design for men's shirts. The shirt allows men to fully showcase their fashionable timepieces. Revealing what other shirts tend to hide, the Watch Cuff is the ultimate detail for gaining exposure and making a statement. Appropriate to wear at a wide variety of functions from an exclusive boardroom meeting to a reception at an ultra-chic urban lounge, the Watch Cuff is open for interpretation in terms of the message it delivers to an attendee. At the very least, it is sure to cause a stir if used as an in-room gift to ensure that the men are not late to the next event on the agenda. For more information visit,