Tools of the Trade - 2005-05-01

Speed Up Your Scramble Golf Events

Scratch golfers and duffers alike will benefit from this unique instructional aid. A simple turn of the wheel gives easy, concise solutions to golf's most common problems. Ball keeps pulling left? PERSONAL PRO gives the cause along with an easy-to-implement solution. Need a high shot to clear an imposing tree? A turn of the wheel gives you the proper setup to execute the desired shot. The front of the wheel has nine problem shots and their solutions. The back features 18 lies and how to play them. The wheel layout also has business card slots and imprinting capabilities to deliver a company name and message. Retail packaging and volume pricing are available. PERSONAL PRO is available at, or by calling (866) 897-4958.

Your Own Promotional Materials

If your budget is tight, you might want to take a crack at designing your own promotional materials. Steckfigures, Inc. offers two online clip-art products that can make this process easy. Funkybacks contains 75 high-quality background patterns. Littleheads contains over 1,000 high-quality sketches of men, women, and children. The images on each disc are professionally illustrated and saved as both Illustrator 8.0 EPS files or JPEG files. All of the images can be located easily using a variety of available browsers. Purchase either collection for $59.99 or both for $99.99, plus shipping and handling. Visit or call (407) 654-8470.