Tools of the Trade - 2005-01-01

Peel Out

Peeling and applying labels for mailings is a frustrating chore. Now there is a solution for this tedious activity. You can peel and apply labels up to two times faster with the Quick Peel Automatic Label Peeler. The unique, patent-pending, electric desktop machine automatically peels labels from the backing sheet and applies them to envelopes. The machine is portable and plugs into any standard power outlet, making it a good solution for larger mailings or for everyday use. For more information, call (714) 674-8379 or visit

Blog Mania, a San Diego based Web hosting company, has created a simple way to give meeting attendees the ultimate tool for self-expression. The new Web site,, offers a complete blog package to take event communication to the next level. A personalized greeting is delivered to the attendees, announcing your gift, and within minutes, they will be able to share their thoughts about the upcoming event or an event that has just occurred. The site provides a user-friendly control panel, making it easy for anyone to maintain a blog. For more information, go to