Those Dogs Are Barking

Uncomfortable shoes can put anyone in a bad mood, but for a meeting planner, they're a deal-breaker. Whether standing for hours on end on the trade-show floor, rushing between terminals to catch a connecting flight, or simply on the move all day running a program, planners need their feet to work for them, not against them. The following products can help treat—and prevent—the pain that comes with always having to think on your feet. Literally.

Band-Aid Activ-Flex Blister Block
The beauty-product set is all abuzz over this product from Band-Aid which is proven to prevent blisters. It comes in a stick, and when applied (in the same way one applies deodorant), it creates an invisible shield against excessive friction. It's useful when exercising, breaking in new shoes, or simply spending too much time on your feet. Periodic reapplication is necessary. $5.99; available at

Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles
Despite the annoying commercials ("Are you gellin'?"), these insoles' high-tech design features grooves in the gel that function like little springs to absorb some of the impact on the foot's high-pressure points (heel and ball). These are great if you spend hours on your feet, but can be a problem at airport security: the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) prohibits gel insoles onboard (but does allow these products in checked baggage). $12.99; available at

Shoe Stretcher & Shoe Stretch Spray
Use Shoe Stretch Spray on tight or pinching parts of your shoe and it will "stretch-to-fit" as you wear it. (Spray works on leather, suede, or canvas.) When you're not wearing the offending pair, spray the troublesome areas again and then insert the wooden shoe stretchers. They come with two plastic, moveable "knobs" that can stretch up to eight different, specific locations on the shoe. $6.99 for spray and one shoe stretcher; available at