Their 15 Minutes

From A- to Z-list

This site has a wide selection of impersonators that goes well beyond your typical run-of-the-mill impostors. On you'll also find political figures such as Boris Yeltsin, Albert Einstein and other famous scientists, as well as a host of impersonators of celebrities that you wouldn't ordinarily think of. How about having Hollywood tough guy Steven Seagal show up at your next event and really clean house? The Web site is very accessible and does a good job of making it easy to find photos of impersonators who specialize in specific celebrities. It also breaks out a separate section for female impersonators, so you can be sure of exactly what you're getting.

Drop off the 'S'

This site, not to be confused with "," also has the broad category selection found on that site. It also does a very good job with one category in particular: the legends of rock 'n' roll. It also features a revue-type package that features a live band backing a number of impersonators. The revue package is also represented on the site by a video clip which gives the visitor the added benefit of being able to see a sample performance from several of the impersonators.

A Flock of Elvi

If you've got a group who just can't get enough of Elvis, this is the place to find the King's impersonators—and plenty of them. This Web site is to Elvis impersonators what the Convention Industry Council is to the meetings industry. You can book an Elvis impersonator through this site, but it also offers a plethora of links to other sites where you can not only book the King but also link to the Professional Elvis Impersonators Association.