The New Dukes of URL

It looks like CVBs are getting super Web savvy: compared to last year's ranking, their sites load faster and have more bells and whistles (facilities searches, PDF files, promotional materials). Most RFPs can be reached in three clicks or less, and third-party resources make access to information easier -- or harder, depending on the format.

This year, Successful Meetings ranked 140 bureau Web sites and identified the speediest, most useful, and most user-friendly sites. (Turn to page 50 for the top 25 sites.) To be considered, "convention" had to appear in the bureau's name, and an online RFP established the site as a serious planner tool. SM then ran the site through Web Page Analyzer-0.82 (at, and determined the quality of content. The results on the top 120 are listed below by state.

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