The Big Appeal of Smaller Cities

How mid-market destinations are helping planners create memorable experiences.

indianapolis monument circle

Mid-market (aka second-tier) cities might not have the room inventory and infrastructure of first-tier meetings destinations, but they have plenty of other things going for them. Whether rolling out the red carpet for groups, offering better rates and dates, and/or providing a higher level of access and service than might be expected in a first-tier city, mid-markets offer unique experiences and resources that groups can leverage to enhance their events. 

"In the current environment of rising room rates and record occupancies in first-tier cities like Las Vegas and Orlando, planners are finding the expected costs savings in second-tiers, but it is the better availability of these destinations that really eliminates sourcing headaches," says Mike May, president of Brightspot Incentives & Events. "Plus, planners will enjoy the extra love for their meetings, especially if they are the big fish in town for the week." 

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