Tag, You're It

A few years ago I bought a red, wheeled suitcase, thinking that red would be easier to spot on the luggage carousel than black. It turns out that red has become everyone's I-don't-want-a-black-bag fall-back color, and my suitcase plays a lengthy game of hide-and-seek with me on every trip. So, I'm moving on to identification strategy B, in the form of a unique and colorful luggage tag. My hope is that the combination of bag and tag will make it easier to spot my luggage in the chaos that is baggage claim.


The 3.5-inch by 4.5-inch luggage tags from Lugtagz are sure to stand out with their bright colors and bold graphics. Choose from over 36 tags, all of which come on sturdy waterproof and fireproof plastic. Bonus for planners: Custom tags can be ordered in bulk for groups.

$9.00; www.lugtagz.com

designers guild

Designers Guild leather luggage tags have a professional design, but come in bright colors that will keep your bag from disappearing into the abyss. The tags also conceal your personal information while keeping it easily accessible.

$15.00; available at www.wishingfish.com

my tagS

Still can't find your bag? This 7-inch by 1.5-inch nylon tag is hard to miss. The outside can be personalized with any word of your choosing, so as not to provide personal information to the general public, while interior sleeves contain both your contact information

and your current trip itinerary.

$29.99 for a set of three; www.tagsforbags.com