Successful Meetings' Diversity and Inclusion Roundtable

Thought leaders see cause for optimism when it comes to inclusion in the meetings industry -- and much room for improvement

Meetings Industry Diversity and Inclusion Roundtable 1

Few issues have dominated the public arena in the past few years as much as those related to diversity and inclusion (D&I). Charged discourse about race, religion, nationality, gender and/or sexual identity are impacting every part of our culture, including the meetings industry. During the first week of August, Successful Meetings gathered five thought leaders on a conference call to discuss these topics. The insights they offered help explain where the industry is on addressing these matters, and where improvements are needed.


  • GREG DESHIELDS - Executive Director, PHLDiversity Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • DAVE JEFFERYS - Founder and Executive Director, LGBT Meeting Professionals Association
  • SHERRIF KARAMAT - CAE, President and CEO, PCMA
  • MICHELLE "MICK" LEE - Founder, WINiT for Women; Managing Director, ARROW212
  • GWEN MIGITA - Social Impact & Inclusion Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Caesars Entertainment

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