State-by-State Pillow Gift Guide: Territories Edition

In Successful Meetings’ October issue we suggested a winning pillow gift idea for every state in the U.S. But we didn’t want to forget about the countries territories and commonwealths either. Here is a gift idea for each of the non-states that are part of the United States.

This territory boasts some exceptional local cuisine, so consider giving your attendees a copy of Guam: Beautiful Scenes & Delicious Local Food to allow them to create their own beef lumpia, chicken adobo, or pancit, bringing a taste of Guam home with them. $17.

Puerto Rico
A favorite local pastime, a set of dominoes makes for a fun, simple gift that recipients can bring back home and try to master on their own. Available in a variety of designs (including with the Puerto Rican flag), a set of tiles is sure to win over attendees. $8.95.

Virgin Islands
No visit to the Virgin Islands is complete without tasting a piece of local rum cake. Available from Down Island Traders in flavors ranging from Banana Chocolate Chip to Pina Colada, this spongy island treat makes for a delightful dessert. $22.95.

American Samoa 
American Samoa’s seal, based in traditional local design, features a fly switch (called a fue), representing wisdom, and a staff (To’oto’o) representing authority over a kava bowl (Tanoa) which represents service. Together these create a distinctive image that makes for a memorable gift when added to a mug or tile coaster from the destination. $13.99.