Speakers Gallery: Calling All Artists

These creative geniuses will inspire your audience to think outside the box

Tracy Lee Stum
1. Tracy Lee Stum is an internationally recognized American chalk artist and street painter who specializes in mind-blowing, interactive 3-D chalk-art street paintings. Her works have won numerous awards and accolades, including a Guinness World Record for the largest street painting by an individual (which she earned in 2006). Stum's work has been featured in numerous publications. Experienced at completing multi-city campaigns for clients such as Cadillac, SoBe, and Dos Equis, her services also offer new media applications incorporating animation and augmented reality. In 2011, Tracy presented 3-D Street Painting at TEDx San Diego. 
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Sekou Andrews
2. Sekou Andrews aims to inspire businesses one poem at a time with "The Sekou Effect." Andrews creates personalized poetic presentations that give voice to the messages and missions of organizations and help them tell their most powerful stories. 
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Mike Rayburn
3. Mike Rayburn has been called "the World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso." Rayburn captivates with his astounding guitar creations, uproarious songs, and veteran presentation skills to encourage, challenge, and inspire his audiences. 
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Dan Dunn
4. Dan Dunn has spent 30 years as a painter, designer, and caricaturist. He has won numerous national awards and been commissioned to draw caricatures for many famous people, including former President George H. W. Bush, Sting, Jimmy Buffett, and Joe Theisman. Dunn's unique PAINTJAM performances dazzle the audience as he paints giant canvases with seemingly random brushstrokes -- but then flips the canvases upside down to reveal perfect likenesses of famous faces, such as Frank Sinatra. Dunn has appeared on numerous news shows worldwide and has been a featured performer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Fallon, the Super Bowl pre-game show, and The CBS Early Show.
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Heidi Schwartz
5. Heidi Schwartz originally wanted to become a singer, enrolling in Belmont University's commercial music program at the age of 19 in Nashville. But she began to paint while writing songs, and on her first album, each song had a painting connected to it. That's how she "fell into live painting," she says. During her three-hour live painting performances, Schwartz will create a piece of art that is related to the room she's in and the people in the room. She's been called "so cool" and a "gifted artist" by her clients, who note that audiences are delighted with both the process of having a live artist at the event and the finished product. 
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David Trumble
6. David Trumble is an Award-winning cartoonist, author, and illustrator who became the youngest political cartoonist to work at The Sun newspaper at the age of 21. Now, just seven years later, he has sold nearly 1 million children's books, written and drawn popular cartoons for the Huffington Post, and been featured internationally on The Today Show, Upworthy, NBC's iVillage, The Christian Science Monitor, Jezebel, The Boston Globe, and more. Trumble recently illustrated a Simon & Schuster book that hit No. 1 on Amazon's "Mover & Shaker" book list. 
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Dewitt Jones
7. Dewitt Jones is a top professional photographer with a career that has spanned more than 20 years. He's directed two Academy Award-nominated films, served as a freelance photographer for National Geographic for 20 years, and photographed successful creative advertising campaigns for Dewar's Scotch, Canon, and United Airlines. He has published nine books and currently writes a monthly column for Outdoor Photographer magazine. Jones' knowledge of the creative process, his relaxed and genuine style, and his ability to communicate make his presentations outstanding. 

Erik Wahl
8. Erik Wahl is an internationally recognized graffiti artist and author of the bestselling book Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius. Wahl's on-stage painting serves as a visual metaphor for his message, which is to encourage organizations to innovate and strive for superior performance in order to drive profitability. His list of clients includes AT&T, Disney, London School of Business, Microsoft, FedEx, Exxon Mobil, Ernst & Young, and XPrize. Wahl has also been featured as a TED presenter, and has been described as "incredible" and "outstanding" by clients. 
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