Smart Strategies for Site Selection

Here are factors to research and questions to ask before signing a contract.


The process of choosing a venue is riddled with questions. Over the course of a career, every planner eventually develops a list of large and small considerations that must be addressed before a contract is signed. For every meeting professional, that list is different, forged by the tides of trial and error. But given the multiplicity of details that go into the mix, even the most seasoned planner can find that it was a question she didn't ask that proved a crucial missing link to a meeting's success. 

"Remember that every hotel is different with its own policies and procedures," warns Lisa Sommer Devlin of Devlin Law Firm P.C., an attorney who represents hotels in contract-related matters. "You can't assume that because your last event was at Brand X, which allowed you to use an outside A/V company, that all Brand X hotels will do the same."

Mastering the art of site selection takes time, but constantly refining the process will only benefit your groups. 

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