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6 Tips to Cut Your Event F&B Costs

How to trim the fat off your food budget, without sacrificing the flavor.


One of the biggest line items on an event budget is food and beverage. So when costs need to be trimmed, naturally, planners will look here first. But considering how important F&B is to the attendee experience, cutting back on meals could risk hurting the gathering.

Fear not. Just because a meal doesn't come with a big price tag doesn't mean guests have to miss out on flavor or impact.

"When you think of 'budget-friendly,' you think of not-so-great food or no choice, but that's not the way it has to be at all," says Christine Couvelier, an executive chef who runs the online Culinary Concierge and creates an annual list of top food trends. She emphasizes that being creative is not synonymous with spending lots of money. In fact, she says, budget constraints can bring out your event chef 's innovative thinking. Here are six tips from Couvelier and other savvy event planners for cutting costs without compromising quality.

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