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How Meeting Planners Can Use Reddit to Get Ahead

The popular website is home to thousands of active communities and offers event professionals the ability to connect anonymously.

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Among social media platforms, Reddit has racked up a bit of bad rep due to its lack of censorship. But the site, which describes itself as a "home to thousands of communities, endless conversations and authentic human connections," shouldn't be written off so easily by event professionals.

According to Alexa, Amazon's web-trafficking arm, Reddit is the sixth-most-visited website in the U.S. It also touts more than 330 million active monthly users, as well as 130,000 active communities on topics ranging from personal finance and self-improvement to science and literature. There's a community for everyone on Reddit, including meeting planners. While Reddit might not be the first place event professionals think to turn to in times of need, you may be surprised by what you can find on the site.

"Reddit is always going to be a consistent resource for particular venues or particular geographies because every city has its own subreddit and every state has its own subreddit," says Joe Federer, a social media expert and the former head of brand strategy at the social media site.. "This gives you the opportunity to talk to people who live in the area and may have some familiarity with the venue."

Reddit is home to a number of communities that can be used for connecting with peers, staying one step ahead of industry trends and even blowing off steam after a stressful event comes to a close. For tips on tracking trends and which communities to join, read the full story on NorthstarMeetingsGroup.com