4 Questions Event Planners Need to Ask About A/V

Reaction Audio Visual

As an event planner, you can agree that A/V technology is a critical part of any event. You want the A/V team you hire to be reliable, be able to work the technology successfully, and give you the effective support you need. You have to ask the important questions first, rather than be surprised in the middle of the process. We at Reaction Audio Visual have compiled a list of questions that we think are important while choosing the correct A/V provider for your next event.

1. What Other Products/Services Do You Offer?
Some A/V providers offer more than just one service. It is in your interest to find this out as soon as possible. By ordering in a "one-stop shop," you may end up saving you money rather than getting different services from various vendors. For example, at Reaction AV we offer many different types of services. We can start out with the entire design process with you. We consult with you what the best option is for your budget. Following on renting out the gear while providing the set up, staging, and operation of the equipment. 

2. What Are Your Specialized Services/Event Types 
All A/V companies have general services that they offer for everyone. But dig deeper and ask about what types of events they specialize in. This will give you a good idea if they are the right professional that you are looking for. For example, at Reaction AV we specialize in conferences, conventions, exhibit booths, corporate events, and nonprofit events. 

3. What Are Your Advantages?
With this question you are basically asking why should you pick them over their competitors. Different companies have various advantages. Think about what is most important to you: Is it to save money or to make sure that their techs have the best experience? At Reaction AV, some of advantages we promote are that we provide top quality equipment without breaking your budget, and we have a private fleet of trucks and techs to handle your show.

4. Can Their A/V Specialist Walk Through the Venue with You?
This is a great thing to ask once you have decided on a company to work with. The AV provider can make sure that based on the size and elements of the venue- that you have all of the correct size equipment. Viewing the venue is also useful for the specialist to plan on where to load in and out, where to store equipment, etc. Reaction AV makes it a point to do a complimentary on-site inspection with each of our clients.

This excerpt comes from The Event Planner's Ultimate A/V Guide. Reaction Audio Visual is a nationwide, single-source provider for all event technology needs. Read more at www.reactionav.com.