Personal Success: It's Time to Hug a Tree

Earth Day is April 22 and, frankly, each of us could do a little more to be environmentally sound. There's no need to stop bathing or run out and buy shoes made of recycled tires; fortunately, there are small ways to make a difference—even when it comes to office supplies. That's right: your home office, tiny cubicle, or spacious corner suite can be home to products that are a little nicer to the world than the average notepad is.

Here are a few companies that think the well-being of the world is as important as the bottom line. So go forth and be green—even if you can only handle a sort of pale, avocado green and aren't quite ready for a deep, devoted olive green

See the Future
The Green Office not only sells environmentally friendly products for the office, it has a handy "Green Screen Key" to show how each product stacks up in terms of containing recycled material, being biodegradable or compostable, having a reduced chemical content, and other factors. This two-months-per-page wall calendar is made with 30-percent post-consumer content and soy-based inks. $16.40;

Small-Scale Improvements
UniKeep, maker of snap-closed binders and other products designed to be 100-percent curbside-recyclable, has added a smaller binder to its lineup. The Mini View Case is 7 by 9.5 inches, with zero, two, or three rings. The cases can be recycled more easily because they are made entirely from polypropylene, versus traditional binders that must be separated into components before recycling. Starts at $5.49;

Feeling Blue
Among other offerings at is The Green Office Guide, a 40-page booklet created by the City of Portland, Oregon's Office of Sustainable Development. Visitors can receive the guide for free by answering a few survey questions. The Dolphin Blue site specializes in "environmentally responsible office supplies," and prices include delivery within the continental United States. Free;