On Site: Take Your Speaker Strategy Public

Does your speaker budget include $350,000 for Donald Trump? How about $200,000 for Tony Robbins? Or $125,000 for Bill Clinton? If your budget's like most, you've likely got less than $25,000 to spend on a top-rated speaker to motivate your sales team. So how do you give 'em $500,000 in speakers for about $100 a head? Plan your meeting during a public motivation seminar.

All you have to do is check out the Tony Robbins or the Get Motivated Seminars website. You've seen the full-page ads in your local newspaper, I'm sure. There you'll find a schedule of cities and an all-star speaking lineup that includes some of the most powerful—and most expensive—names on the podium today. And you'll likely have enough lead time to actually set your meeting during one of these full-day events. Since these seminars are typically at upscale sports complexes, the best move is to rent a suite (or series of suites) so that your team can all be together in a semi-private atmosphere—amongst 10,000 of their closest friends. You may not get lunch with The Donald, but you'll learn from the best at a fraction of the cost!

Marc Reede is president of Beverly Hills, CA-based Nationwide Speakers and Entertainment Inc. and a speaker at meeting industry events. Learn more at www.nationwidespeakers.com.

Originally published February 01, 2008

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