Off the Tee

When groups meet at a resort, the golf course is usually off-limits to those who are not playing golf at the moment, mostly for safety's sake. But this means that many folks never get the chance to take in the abundant scenery a golf course offers; it also means that many planners don't get to use that real estate for a teambuilding activity or special event. Fortunately, some properties are thinking more broadly about the role their golf courses can play in the overall meeting experience.

Take, for instance, the rise of Frisbee golf. A perfect activity for those who wouldn't know which end of a golf club to hold, Frisbee golf is played just like ordinary golf, except that players launch Frisbees from the tee box into the fairway and then from there onto the green, trying to land them in a spray-painted circle in as few throws as possible.

Further, at Pacific Palms Conference Resort in Industry Hills, CA, tiki-themed sit-down dinners—often with a murder-mystery component—are set on the 18th fairway and make for surreal lighting and a unique atmosphere. On the other hand, the resort also offers golf-cart races as a teambuilding activity. With that one, just make sure your group's insurance policy is up to date.


Be Well, Play Well

With your attendees getting older by the year, here's one gift that will help their golf games and their overall health—and also keep your organization's name in front of them for years to come: Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries: A Handbook for Golf Injury Prevention and Treatment. Written by orthopedist Dr. Larry Foster, this paperback ($19.95) shows that certain kinds of problems afflict most golfers, whether they are pros or occasional players. While giving readers a basic understanding of how the musculoskeletal system absorbs the strains of the golf swing, Foster offers warm-up stretches and exercises not only for right before a round of play, but also for the winter months so that players stay limber for the start of each new season. It's available at www.doctordivot,, or in bookstores.