More than Meets the i

It's no secret that iPods are everywhere. You probably have one; you may even have a few. And chances are good that if you don't have one, most of your friends and relatives do. Companies across the board are capitalizing on the iPod's popularity by creating accessories that take portable music to the next level. The omnipresent iPod is no longer just a neat way to listen to music; with the addition of more and more of these companion products, the iPod has become an exercise buddy, a colleague, a fellow traveler, and a party goer. Check out the following products for a sample of what's on the market.

Get Hitched

Make your iPod work for you with Hitch, a new device from Sima Products. Hitch allows users to transfer documents, songs, pictures, or other files between two devices—including two iPods—without using a computer. At four inches by three inches and weighing just eight ounces, it's a light addition to your bag of tricks. $149.99;

Tunes to Share

Altec Lansing's inMotion iM3c portable speakers allow iPod enthusiasts to fill a room with sound when they take their music with them. The speakers weigh less than a pound and fold for travel into a soft case. The iPod charges while in the docking station, and the unit can run on four AA batteries. $179.95; available at www.


The Nike+iPod Sports Kit puts your iPod nano to use as more than a personal stereo during workouts. The product works only with select Nike shoes; the sneakers are built with a small pocket under the insole that holds a sensor, which relays information to your nano. Distance, calories burned, pace, and time can all be displayed on the nano screen. $29;