How to Use the Power of Song to Boost Digital Events

SongDivision CEO Andy Sharpe discusses how music helps liven up digital meetings and can be a breath of fresh air for meeting attendees.

After pivoting to virtual events, meeting planners now face a new challenge: how to keep attendees engaged and battle Zoom fatigue? One option is to add a musical component to the event, whether it be bringing in A-list talent to perform, hosting a lip-sync battle or working with songwriters to create a team anthem.


"Whenever someone comes onto a session with us, if they're getting Zoom fatigue in their current environment, we're going to be a shot in the arm, a breath of fresh air for them," says Andy Sharpe, founder and CEO of SongDivision, which offers interactive musical experiences for events. SongDivision has worked on more than 400 digital events since the pandemic began. In this episode of the Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals, SongDivision founder and CEO Andy Sharpe discusses how the company transitioned from working on live to virtual meetings, and how music can help unite virtual terms and liven up digital meetings.SongDivision CEO Andy Sharpe shares how his company pivoted to online events.

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