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How to Take the Emotion Out of Negotiations

Learning to control your reactions can make planner-supplier interactions more cordial.

Calm Negotiations

Taking a step back from a contentious negotiation and trying to change your focus and perspective can help take the temperature down a notch or two, advised Nancy Cramer, founder of Correct Course Consulting, while speaking to attendees at Northstar Meetings Group's Destination Texas this week.

Cramer referred to three "levers" -- focus, meaning and perspective -- that can each be adjusted to keep a situation calm.

"When we assign an identity to someone, we will always see them as that," said Cramer. "If you're in a negotiation and you decide the other person is a jerk, you have put them in a box and taken away their emotional flexibility." When things get heated, switch out the words you are using in your head to describe your counterpart to help change them from an adversary into a collaborator.

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