How to Elevate Your Business Networking

Experiential networking offers a way to connect with business contacts on a deeper level

EPX Worldwide Everest

After 20 years of being a CEO and entrepreneur, there's one thing that can accelerate business success faster than anything else -- relationships. One call, one email, or one referral can catapult your business forward with incredible velocity and profitability. 

In the old days, people would join groups like the Chamber of Commerce, where business executives came together for formal and informal events to swap business cards and have discussions about how one business could help another. In other situations, companies would spend tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on industry events knowing that their key contact could be out there somewhere.

More often than not, companies found the ROI is simply not there. Why? Imagine that you have five minutes to connect with a stranger to generate enough interest to get to the next step. Not easy.

Enter now the era of experiential networking. 

The best way to understand the power of this type of business networking is to imagine that you are with 15 people at the base of Mount Everest watching the sun come up after three days of discussions around all aspects of life and business. You've had multiple conversations about this together while navigating a tough mountain trail. Over the course of these experiences you've had the chance to connect as fathers, mothers, and friends. You've already formed positive memories and built a friendship from which trust is inherent. 

What happens? When business arrives at the forefront of the conversation, everyone is open to listening, understanding, and helping. This base of commonality, trust, and shared experience naturally bonds everyone and ensures business facilitation in the same sense that you would help a family member. 

If you want to accelerate business success, find a group of peers who want to max out the planet's greatest experiences and hit the open road. Be yourself. Be a friend. And business will come your way. 

Paul Kirchoff is the founder and CEO of EPX Worldwide, an exclusive community of adventuring entrepreneurs driving faster business success and maxing out the planet's most amazing experiences. Members include billionaires to F-16 pilots, members of the House of Lords to the youngest person to summit the world's seven mountain peaks.