How to Streamline Check-In at Meetings and Events

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It doesn't matter if you're at a theme park riding rides, at the post office mailing a package or at a convention center attending a trade show: Nobody likes waiting in line. Meeting planners who successfully reduce or eliminate check-in queues at their events are therefore heroes in the eyes of time-strapped attendees.

Like so many modern problems, the solution to check-in congestion at meetings and events is technology, according to Michael Shapiro, technology editor at Meetings + Conventions magazine. In an article published by Northstar Meetings Group, he says one technology, in particular, is vanquishing registration and check-in lines: facial recognition.

"Facial recognition has rapidly evolved from sci-fi cool to a fully viable solution to keep check-in lines moving quickly onsite," he says, attributing progress to companies like Houston-based Zenus, which partners with registration companies to add facial recognition to their existing solutions. "Using facial recognition to check in is amazingly fast: Once an attendee steps in front of the camera at the check-in kiosk, an on-screen prompt asks her to confirm whether she is the person in question. A simple yes checks in the attendee, and in the unlikely case the match isn't correct, another option is provided."

It's fast. It's efficient. And according to Zenus, attendees love it.

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