How to Stay Sales-Focused

Here are two tips that will keep small business owners focused effectively on sales:

Keep your funnel full
Small businesses fall into a pattern of selling intermittently, in between jobs, or at the tail-end of a job. They sell, do the work on the project they sold, and then often have a gap before the next job. To break that cycle, small businesses need to sell consistently. Keep the sales even. You don’t want a roller coaster.

Stay in front of everyone who is a possible client
Visibility and follow-up will lead to steady sales. Following networking events, identify potential clients and build a relationship with them that will lead to new business, referrals, and collaboration. Set aside the time to be the persistent sales person who will generate steady sales.
Alice Heiman is a sales guru, marketing expert and inventor of the BizTalk Blender. She has founded two companies and is a national keynote speaker on sales and business topics. For more information visit