How to Prepare for Hybrid Events and Other COVID-Driven Realities

Bizly’s Kevin Iwamoto explains how meeting planners can adapt to a changed world.

The meetings industry as a whole is experiencing the five stages of grief, according to Bizly chief strategy officer Kevin Iwamoto, and a lot of professionals are stuck in the denial stage. We need to fast-track that psychological process, he says, so that we can reach the final stage — acceptance.

Iwamoto, a longtime industry consultant and thought leader, says that planners should be busy preparing for the many COVID-driven realities that will reshape live events for the long term. In this episode of Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals, he talks with Northstar’s Loren Edelstein about modifying meeting agendas for an online audience, and preparing both in-person and remote audiences for a very different experience.

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