How to Plan Virtual and Hybrid Events More Strategically

John Nawn explains how creating impactful hybrid and digital events requires thorough analysis well in advance of the gatherings.

Event planners must think strategically, whether their meetings are virtual, in-person or a hybrid version of the two. John Nawn, cofounder of The Event Strategy Network, maintains that planners too often get caught up in the technical details of an event and lose track of the big-picture stuff: Specifically, how a particular event fits into their overall business goals.

John Nawn

Nawn delves into greater detail on this topic in his just-released "A Planner's Guide to Digital and Hybrid Events," which can be downloaded here. In this episode of Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals, Nawn discusses specifically what a planner should be assessing in the early stages of developing a virtual or hybrid event.
Among the points he covers:

  • How to conduct a needs analysis to clarify an event's mission and value proposition (3:30)
  • How to build a team that can best execute a technically complex event (8:50)
  • Why selling "generic, prepackaged opportunities based on tiers" is a dead sponsorship model (14:25)
  • How to apply to in-person and hybrid events the lessons we've learned about gathering attendee data during virtual events (16:40)

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