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How to Nurture 'Intrapreneur' Employees

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By definition, entrepreneurs are enterprising, innovative and driven. But not all entrepreneurs have the means or desire to start their own business. Some would rather use their entrepreneurial muscles to help build someone else's.

Those people are called "intrapreneurs" -- entrepreneurial individuals who operate within an established business instead of striking out to start their own -- and they're among the most valuable members of your team, author Syed Balkhi writes in an article for Entrepreneur.com. "You need to spot these people, empower them and retain them -- before you lose them forever," he says.

If you want to nurture and retain your company's intrapreneurs, you should start by giving them ample access to professional development and continuing education. "An intrapreneur is a life-long learner and always thirsty for knowledge," notes Balkhi, who says it's also important to give intrapreneurs autonomy to pursue their own projects. 

"Another trait of an intrapreneur is that they're not money-motivated … Intrapreneurs are more driven by 'influence with freedom.' This means they value having the ability to implement their ideas into the business with full support from management," Balkhi concludes. "If they feel empowered in their position, they'll be more likely to stick around and share those awesome ideas they have."

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