How to Navigate Legal Issues for In-Person Events

Jonathan Howe discusses whether planners can require that attendees be vaccinated, essential contract clauses for Covid-19 and more. 

Can meeting planners require attendees to be vaccinated? And what privacy issues does this raise? These are among the thorny questions that meeting professionals have to consider as they plan safe in-person events. Jonathan Howe, president and founding partner of Howe & Hutton Ltd., and the leading legal mind on meetings law, recently shared his insights as part of Northstar Meetings Group’s webcast, "Ask the Attorney: New Legal Issues for Event Planners and Suppliers." 


On this week’s episode of Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals, we share an excerpt of that conversation, moderated by Sarah Braley, managing editor for Northstar Meetings Group. Howe tackled a wide range of questions from the audience, and in this episode he also discusses liability protection for event hosts and venues (7:20), how cancellation clauses differ for hybrid events (11:23) and whether planners can put language into their contract that will ensure a full refund in the case of another pandemic (14:08). 

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